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I take over the transport of commodity contributions and animals nationwide and into neighboring foreign countries, too.

If you want me to transport your animal or commodity contribution, it will cost you just 20 Cents per kilometer. This value covers all costs like gas and wearout.
The distance to calculate is off/to "26939 Ovelgönne/GER"
If a route is longer than 700 kilometers, an overnight stay is required. It will be generally calculated with 50,00 €.




  • max. 5 dog crates for animals with approx. 30 centimeters shoulder height
  • max. 3 dog crates for animals with approx. 60 centimeters shoulder height
  • due to a coupling device, trailer transports (for example for commodity contributions) up to 1.400 kilograms are possible


  • air condition, separately adjustable in front and back
  • tinted vehicle windows
  • emergency brake assist, anti skid system, electronic stability control

Important information

Tier-Taxi.com is a charitable hobby. Therefore I cannot hand out any bills or traces. A confirmation for the fuel money of course is possible.
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