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About Tier-Taxi.com

Welcome dear pet lovers and animal friends on Tier- Taxi.com!

What we´re doing

  • You've adopted an animal from far away and are now searching for someone who could bring your new family member home to you?
  • An animal was saved out of an unconscionable institution and now needs to be transported into its new foster home?
  • You've got pet food, animal toys or other commodity contributions and don't know how to bring them to the animal shelter?
Helping you with these issues has been my mission for over three years now. I want to help animals and therefore don't greed for profit. That's why I am offering my service at cost price.

Safe and species-appropriate

A safe transport and species-appropriate handling are self-evident for me. Due to specific advanced training (save driving training, advanced education in communication between animals and humans and interaction with easily-scared dogs) I am an responsible-minded driver and I care for every animal´s safety.
Each animal is unique and will be treated like that during the transport. Anonymous mass transportation in way too small boxes, without access to fresh water and with no breaks, is nothing your animal will have to experience while being transported by me.
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